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Pet Supplies, Food & Products in Shanghai

Shop with SCAA sponsor and a donation goes to SCAA!

Check out this new online pet store. If you would like to buy from them, please make sure you "Check this box for vip-Pet to donate 10% of order subtotals to charity SCAA.". Only purchases made with that preference checked in your profile generates donations for SCAA- at no extra cost to you.

As SCAA members, it’s a great way to donate. You can both buy what you need for your animals and automatically donate to SCAA! They have dog & cat food, pet toys, pet accessories, etc.


Please Note: SCAA gratefully acknowledges the support of, but this does not imply an endorsement of its product or services. Please see their Privacy Policy here. Check the vip-Pet register page to see the check box to donate to SCAA.

An introduction from vip-Pet:

China's Premium Online Pet Site! vip-Pet offers a wide range of high quality pet products from international brands.  To make your pet experience more pleasant, our online services make your pet needs just a few clicks away.  vip-Pet has proudly teamed up with SCAA to promote animal welfare in Shanghai and a healthy pet lifestyle. For every purchase you make as an SCAA member on vip-Pet, we donate 10% of the total product purchase proceeds to SCAA. Remember to check the box for SCAA when you register to purchase from vip.  For the first month, we are now also offering coupon vouchers that entitle a 15% discount to first-timers who sign up.  Foster parents will receive a one-time 25% discount voucher when they foster an animal. Vouchers are available at SCAA adoption days and monthly meetings.  We also take orders for Pro-Plan pet food and Hills, Science Diet, etc. Simply place your order request online and we will deliver your pet's needs to your door.

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