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China Pet Export News Updates 2012

The U.K. and Sweden Abolish Quarantine

As of January 1st 2012, the U.K. and Sweden have abolished quarantine (formerly a 6-month process for pets from Mainland China). Standard EU pet import regulations apply, requiring minimum 4 months planning to move pets from Mainland China.

United-Continental Airlines Merger Restricts Pet Moving Options from China to the U.S.

Pets are no longer accepted as excess baggage on the newly merged airline. United-Continental allows limited, small pets in cabin (usually 2 per cabin) and all other animals must be transported as cargo. Cargo transport is expensive (over $1,000 per animal) and requires the use of a pet transport agent to clear Customs.

Delta Airlines continues to transport pets as excess baggage at a reasonable cost, so long as the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

Export Procedures for Moving Cats and Dogs Home. Pet Transport and Relocation From China

General guidelines for exporting pets from China, via Shanghai, are shown below. SCAA does not provide pet relocation services, but highly recommends our sponsor, WorldCare Pet Transport, to ensure the safe, efficient and humane import and export of your pets via Shanghai. Local laws and procedures may change at any time regarding pet import and export so it is best to contact WorldCare Pet Transport and/or your local embassy for the most current information prior to planning your pet's relocation.

For more information on transporting your pet in or out of China or advice on professional services and moving please contact:

World Care Pet Transport  

General Pet Export Procedure (information provided by WorldCare Pet Transport):

A. Preparation

  1. If your pet is to be exported into the European Union, a blood test report is required and it can potentially take up to three (3) months to complete this report so the pet owner must take note of the time required to fulfill this regulation.
  2. Pet must be vaccinated against Rabies, and any other vaccinations required by the destination country, more than 30 days before but less than one (1) year prior to departure. At this time, these vaccinations are required to be given ONLY in the government veterinary clinic. The pet's original vaccination record book must be provided for proof of previous vaccinations at the government clinic. If the government vet is the pet's usual veterinarian, and all shots are current, a new Rabies vaccination may not be required prior to departure.
  3. All pets exported from China must have an ISO microchip tag. Usually, both the Rabies Vaccination and the Microchip can be provided during the same government veterinary clinic visit. If the pet already has a valid Microchip, it might be acceptable for export as is; this must be checked at the government veterinarian clinic.

B. Export Procedures

  1. Two photocopies of the pet owner's passport are required which includes one that shows the person's photograph and the other showing the Chinese Visa (one pet, one passport).
  2. One photocopy of the pet owner's airline passenger ticket departing out from China is required (one pet, one ticket).
  3. If the pet is a dog and registered with the local police, the original registration and immunization card must be provided.
  4. Within seven (7) days before departure, the pet needs to be sent to the government clinic for a health check and an application of the required export health certificate must be completed on the same day.
  5. If you are not using a pet relocation agent, you should be sure to have all flights booked with sufficient time for an Air Waybill to be issued and air freight payment made. If using an agent, the departing flight for the pet is booked once the agent payment quotation is accepted. The Air Waybill is issued and payment of air freight is made at two to three days later.
  6. All the above required documentation must be provided a minimum five (5) working days before departure. The export health certificate issued by the government quarantine office (Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) will usually be ready one to two days before departure.
  7. If the pet is being sent as cargo, a pet relocation company must be used. The pet, along with the travel crate, will be picked up and sent to the airport for customs clearance normally one day in advance or early on the day of departure if there is sufficient time prior to departure.


  • Pets traveling as excess baggage must be reported to and confirmed with airlines when booking the passenger/pet owner's ticket.
  • Airport clearance at the destination airport must be arranged to meet whatever regulations of the country the pet is being imported into.

Below are links for several destination country government guidelines. These regulations might be updated or changed at any time so be sure to contact your destination embassy or pet relocation company for the most recent regulations available.

United States


United Kingdom

Hong Kong





For more information on transporting your pet out of China or advice on professional services please contact:

We recommend our generous sponsors:
World Care Pet Transport for bringing your pets into or out of China.

World Care Pet Transport
Shanghai Office:
Mr. Francis Xu
Office: +86 21 5452 0643
Fax: +86 21 5452 5643
Mobile: +86 135 121 07 077
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